How to design a ring design with Closets By Design

Designing a ring that looks like a closet has never been so easy!

We’ve all been tempted to design something like this, only to realise that it’s not actually that easy.

Here’s the simple step-by-step guide to designing a ring with Clothes.


Create a sketch of the ring design.

Create an outline of the design, and then draw a line to mark the point where the design starts.


Find the ring dimensions.

Find where you want the top of the circle to go and cut the ring into a 3/4-inch thick circle.


Mark the location of the pocket.

Make sure it’s in the middle of the circumference.


Measure the distance between the pocket and the top.

Find this number and draw a circle in the centre.


Add the ring shape.

Use your calculator to find out how many inches you need to add between the top and the pocket, and how much space is left over.


Create the pocket with your ring design: draw two lines across the top, one on each side.


Fold the pocket in half.


Create three holes.


Add buttons.

Fill in the gaps with buttons, and fold the pocket back into the top half.