The Perler: A Craft of Design

Perler bead designer Mark R. Perler’s signature style is a blend of classic workwear and modern streetwear, and the result is a style that feels fresh, vibrant, and yet has an old-school look.

Perlers trademark style, inspired by his childhood home in Pennsylvania, has a sense of timelessness and vintage charm.

While Perler himself is best known for his bead designs (he designed Perler beads for the likes of Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Spandex, and J.

Crew) the Perler brand also includes an impressive array of accessories, including handbags, purses, earrings, and jewelry.

Perls own label is now selling a limited number of Perler designs, including the Perlers famous Perler-Lace necklace, a Perler earring, and Perler rings.

The new Perler line of beads will retail for $1,799, while the original line was $4,299. [Perler]