How to make the best designer dresses from scratch

A year ago, a design consultant told me that she would “never make a dress” because “it’s too expensive”. 

“We want to be able to say to clients: ‘I know this is the dress you’re looking for.

It’s the dress I have in mind.

Let me show you.’ 

But with the amount of dresses that are being made, we have to make sure that we’re making the best quality dress for the client,” said Ms Kaur. 

That’s why, as part of her project for The Wall St Journal, Ms Kaus and her team will be producing dress patterns from scratch.

The result will be a dress that can be customized to a client’s specific needs, she says.

“I have a lot of dresses I’d like to customize.

I want to make a different dress for someone who has a different size, shape or colour,” she said.

She is planning to have the dresses made by her friends, friends of friends, and friends of acquaintances. 

Ms Kaus said her clients are often “worried about how they will look in a dress”.

“They want to have a dress tailored to their body type, to their eye type, their hair type,” she explained. 

“And so I want the designers to understand that, too, and to think about that.

I think they will want to wear that dress in public, in a movie, in public events, and they’ll want to take pride in that dress.”

Ms Kaur said the most challenging part of the project is finding a dress for a client who’s different to herself.

“For some clients, they have this desire to have something tailored to them that they are comfortable in, and for others, I’m more interested in seeing what they’re like wearing. 

If I can do that, then we will be able give them that dress and they will have a beautiful dress.”

It’s a project that Ms Kaua is keen to continue.

“This is one of the things that I am most proud of.

I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong,” she told The Wall Streets Journal.”

It’s all about design, it’s about fashion, it is about being true to yourself.

I’m just very passionate about making dresses for my clients.”

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