Which nail designs will get the most views?

The most popular nail designs for people to paint their nails will win the top prize in this year’s nail design competition, which was held this month at the annual Design Week trade show in Paris.

The competition featured some 1,000 entries, which were judged on quality, functionality and aesthetics, according to the organisers.

The nail designs were chosen from the many nail designs that were submitted by the public.

The winner will get a prize of $200,000.

The most popular design was a simple white design with a clear design.

It is known as the “green dot nail”.

The other two winners were a bold red and blue design with an “A” and a “B” on each side.

The design is known for its bold color scheme.

A blue and white nail design was voted the winner in the competition, the organisers said.

The winners were chosen by the organisers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The public was asked to vote for the design, which is a challenge for the organisers because nail artists usually have little time to get their designs in the mail.

The prize was worth $200K, the organizers said, with $10,000 going to the winners and $2,500 to the runners-up.

The organisers said they were proud of the nail designs.

“This was a great event, especially with the many people who came to participate and give their opinion,” said Anne Lefèvre, the chief executive of the Design Week organisation.

“We hope to see more nail designs in 2016.”

It’s a bit sad that this year we have a contest that is not in keeping with the beauty trend of our time, but I’m glad that there is another competition with a slightly different theme and format.

“Nail design was one of the big themes of the week, with some designers focusing on using natural materials, such as wood, to create the designs.

The designers are aiming to appeal to a wider audience than the nail artists who have been busy designing nail designs ever since nail art first became popular in the 1980s.