Microsoft is considering releasing Xbox design lab as part of new design labs

Microsoft is seriously considering bringing design labs to its Xbox design labs as part to streamline the process of designing the hardware.

A Microsoft representative told Fortune that Microsoft is “evaluating a number of options” for bringing design laboratories to the Xbox design studio.

“There are a lot of design labs on the market, and we are always looking to create new and interesting ways to bring more customers and teams together,” the Microsoft representative said.

“We are looking at bringing some of these design labs into the Xbox, and that would enable us to bring the best design and development practices to our teams and customers.”

Microsoft will continue to make its Xbox hardware and software available to developers, but its Xbox Studio, a design studio that was previously only available to the Windows team, will also become available to everyone.

Microsoft also said that it plans to launch a series of design and engineering videos on its YouTube channel.

The company is also planning to host several online events over the next several months to give designers a chance to learn and get feedback on how the Xbox works.