Google’s ad-supported apps: A preview of what’s in store for Google’s next generation

Google is moving ahead with plans to make its ad-serving platform a premium offering in the near future.

The search giant is launching two new ad-enabled versions of its suite of mobile applications that will offer an expanded selection of ad-targeting features.

The first, dubbed Android Auto, will offer a suite of features that will allow Google to tailor its advertising to specific driving behaviors.

“Android Auto is a great first step towards providing a premium mobile experience for users, which will be the foundation for the next generation of Google apps,” said Chris Carr, Google’s VP of Android, in a statement.

The second, called Android Auto Plus, will expand on Android Auto’s capabilities with a suite that is “designed for driving” with a new ad framework.

Both will be available in the next few weeks for Android users who want more of what they see.

Google will also release an Android Auto app for iOS and an Android-only version for Mac users, according to a blog post published by the company on Tuesday.

Google plans to launch the Android Auto apps in Europe in October.

The new apps will be supported by Google’s existing ad-tracking technology.

In addition, the company will launch Android Auto for Android phones in the US and Australia starting this month, Google said.

The company plans to release Android Auto in the United Kingdom and Australia in November.

“These apps offer the best of both worlds for Android consumers, who will have a variety of driving behaviors to choose from and a more intuitive interface,” said Kevin Fagan, a senior VP of product management for Android Auto.

“This is the future of Android for driving.”