How to make your nails look more like a house

Posted October 27, 2018 09:53:14Easy nail designs make you look more contemporary and modern in the same moment, making your nails the perfect gift for a romantic date.

If you want to make it more like your everyday nails, you can easily apply nail polish to the nails of your nails, and then apply it to the other side.

Here are the top tips to make the nails look like your house:1.

Apply polish to each nail on the opposite side of the nail:1a.

Place a small dab of polish on each nail, and wipe it off.

Then place the other nail on top of the polish, and press the nail down so that it sticks.b.

Place the polish over the nail, then wipe it away.2.

Apply the polish to your index finger.3.

Apply a small amount to the inside of your thumb, then press down firmly with your thumb.4.

Apply an even larger amount to your pinkie, then place the nail on your pinky and press down hard.5.

Apply another coat of polish, then slide the nail back into place.6.

Put on a second coat of nail polish, repeat steps 5-7 on the other end.7.

Put nail polish on your fingernails, and repeat steps 4-6 on the outside of the nails.8.

Apply nail polish and apply nail glue to the outside and inside of the fingernail.9.

Remove polish with a sharpie.10.

Put a new coat of makeup on.