‘Amber’s’ shower tiles designs, men designer wallets and web designers available for purchase

The women’s designer shower tiles, men’s designer wallets designs and web designs from designer Amber Schmitz are available for pre-order on her website.

All three are available in sizes ranging from 36 to 60 inches wide, including a 45-inch version.

The shower tile design for men has been designed with a shower curtain, while the women’s design features a wall of shower curtains.

The other two men’s design options feature a “waterbed” and a “pool table,” and the women are also looking into a pool table version.

“We have a lot of ideas about the different ways to dress this thing up,” said Schmittz.

“You know, this is not going to be a typical shower tile, this isn’t going to just be a shower towel, but it’s going to have a whole different feel to it.”

Schmitz said that she’s been using the shower tile and its accessories as a creative outlet since she moved to the Bay Area from Atlanta in 2011.

The bathroom has always been a source of inspiration for her, and she said she wanted to incorporate a “new kind of bathroom” in the design.

“There are a lot more places to do that in the bathroom, and you know, you don’t have to use a bathroom,” said the designer.

“I mean, I can be on my couch or I can use my couch, and I can go to a party or a restaurant and I don’t need to shower.

So that’s why I’m trying to do something a little bit more creative.

You know, with this shower, you have a space that you can actually use.

So you have your bathroom, you can use the bathroom and you can also use your kitchen.”

Schimtz has a number of different types of designs on display at her shop, including three different versions of a shower tile designed by the artist in her studio.

The tiles are available now for $45.

The first version has a curtain and curtain cover, while a second version features a “headboard” with a waterbed and pool table.

“I was inspired by the ’70s and the ’80s, so I’m kind of trying to make it into a new generation, so the shower is this new thing,” said Sarah Schmittz, Amber’s mother.

“The waterbed was kind of inspired by my mom’s bathtub, so it was kind.

It was kind kind of like the bathroom with a little more depth.

And it was really beautiful.”

Schmidt said she’s looking forward to adding more of her designs to her website, especially as more women start to explore the idea of going into the shower more.

“When I started the shop, I kind of started off just like a really weird little thing,” she said.

“But now it’s grown and it’s become a lot bigger than I ever imagined.

It’s been really fun to get a chance to really work on this.

And I’ve really enjoyed the process.”