How Zentangle Design Home became a Design Home

By Zentangles design team, the Zentangling home is a design home, but it is a modern home.

It’s got a modern design aesthetic and it is built on a 3,200 square foot lot.

It features three levels and four bedrooms, as well as a backyard, and a two-car garage.

The home was designed by architect John Zentangled and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

We will discuss what this means for Zentangles home and the design of design homes in the coming weeks.

This design home is on a lot with three levels, a garage and two cars.

There is an infinity pool in the backyard.

It has a modern look, but this is still an indoor design home.

This is what a typical Zentangler home looks like in 2017.

The main floor is the main room with a fireplace.

A side bedroom features a bed, dresser, dressers and a queen bed.

There are also three full-sized bedrooms in the home, with a queen bedroom and a full bathtub.

Here’s a closeup of the bathroom and the laundry room.

It’s a really modern design.

It has a large backyard, pool and swimming pool.

You can see a lot of the elements that make up a Zentanchild home.

The bedrooms are large and have a lot to do with the look of the house.

The pool is the size of a small family swimming pool and has a swimming pool sink.

There’s also a large kitchen with a sink and refrigerator.

The pool has a sliding door, which is nice.

It makes it easier for visitors to get into the pool.

There are a couple of closets in the living room and dining room that you can slide in.

In the kitchen, there are two small storage closets.

For those who like to go on a wild vacation, there’s a big, open-plan bathroom with a big tub and shower.

There have been a lot more Zentangers designs since Zentangs first design home in 2014.

This one is a classic Zentanger design, and it was built for a family that wanted to have a big pool and lots of space.

The house features a beautiful glass-walled bathroom with white marble floors and a sliding glass door.

And this is what you’d expect from a Zotangle design home with a lot going on.

Another great feature of this Zentango home is the pool, which was built to the specifications of the family.

There was a lot that went into making this pool.

It was very large.

It also has a lot.

You can see the size difference in the pool below.

One of the bedrooms in this Zotango design home features a queen and two full-size beds.

 A nice addition to this home is that it has a small backyard, which has a huge play area.

An outside view of the home.

Here’s the pool area.

The water is very shallow and can be very noisy.

Zentangle is a great designer.

This is a fantastic home that they designed and built with a vision of living in a large pool.

They are also great at creating great designs.

These are some great Zentange designs that you will enjoy visiting.

They have a great pool and are built for their family.

Stay tuned for more design home updates.