How to keep your dog safe in the city of Londons

In London, California, the city has experienced a spike in dog-related accidents, most recently involving an 8-year-old girl.

On Thursday, a 17-year old woman was killed after she was struck by a stray dog in Londona, a suburb of Los Angeles.

She had been walking her dog with a friend when the dog bit her.

A 17-yo girl was killed by a dog in a suburb in Los Angeles last week.

On Thursday night, a 16-year -old boy was killed when his family’s dog was killed in Londo Beach.

A 17 year old boy was shot and killed by his dog in South San Francisco on Wednesday night.

This morning, an 8 year old girl was fatally shot by her pet dog.

The dog was shot by a San Francisco police officer, who responded to reports of a domestic dispute.

The police officer said he feared for his safety and that he did not have a weapon on him when he opened fire.

The boy was taken to a hospital and is in critical condition.