Why do we like nails and why do we hate them?

Nail design is a topic that’s taken on a life of its own over the past few years.

With so many new and interesting options to choose from, the idea of making your nails yourself has grown more popular.

We asked the experts from around the web to share their favourite nail designs, and what they thought was the most popular nail design.

Here’s what we came up with: Nail Art  by Katy Molloy  Nail Art is a design for people who love to make their nails their own.

Inspired by the work of Japanese nail artists, Katy is a professional nail artist who also makes custom nail art.

She created this design to highlight the fact that nail art can be a very personal experience and is therefore a good way to introduce you to the art. 

Katy Mollsoy is a nail artist based in New York City, where she is also a contributing writer for Style. 

Molloy is also known for her intricate work on her Instagram, which has over 4 million followers.

She’s known for creating a range of nail art styles, including her own nail art, the “Nail art for nail art” series.

Nail Design Inspiration by Molly Molesky  Molly is an artist who specializes in creating high quality nail art and nail art prints. 

Mollsy Moleky has an incredible sense of style, and she also loves creating her own designs.

She has an extensive collection of nail designs and prints and uses them as inspiration for her own design projects. 

The Moleskys own designs are available for purchase at Mollys Etsy shop.

Cute Nail Design by Katy McFarland  Katie Mollory is an American illustrator, illustrator and writer who works primarily in the print and digital media. 

McFarland is known for the beautiful designs she creates for clients such as Gap, Calvin Klein and Nike. 

Her designs have been featured on publications such as Style, New York Magazine and Time Magazine.

She is also the author of The Nail Artist’s Cookbook.

Mollsoro is also an artist and illustrator.

She paints her own nails and designs prints for her clients and has created an entire book of nail arts called Nail Arts for Nail Artists.

The Nail Shop by Kati McFarrell  This is a blog for those who love nail art or are just really into nail art in general.

Katy’s work is incredibly unique, and her blog is a treasure trove of great information and inspiration.

Her blog covers a wide variety of topics related to nail art including tutorials, tutorials, reviews and tips. 

This blog has been the first and most popular post on her blog. 

Nails Made by Karsten Schulz  Karsten is a Berlin-based nail artist, who has been making nail art for over 10 years.

She also creates custom nail designs. 

She started out as a student in art and design in Berlin, but eventually moved to New York and moved to Paris to study art and fashion.

Her work has since been featured in magazines such as New York Times and Marie Claire, as well as in her own personal blog.

Karsten’s website has been a big success for her, and now she’s turned her attention to nail designs as well.

She has also been a contributor to Style and the Nail Magazine. 

Pair Nails by Kathy MacLeod  Kathy MacLeod is a graphic designer who has also worked in advertising and in the fashion industry. 

MacLeod has a particular love for nail designs that are quirky, fun and playful.

She creates custom designs for clients from brands like Gap and Calvin Klein. 

For more information about Kathy’s work, check out her website. 

Halloween Nails and Accessories by Joanna Sauer  Joanne Sauer is an illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, who is best known for their adorable nail designs (like this one) and adorable Halloween costumes. 

Sauer has worked on many Halloween themed nail designs over the years, and this is the first time she has done a Halloween nail design for the website.

She explains why it’s a good time to do a Halloween design, which she hopes will encourage others to do something like her. 

Joannas Halloween Nails is available for orders from September 19th through November 23rd. 

Here’s the rest of the top 5 nails designs: Top 5 Nail Designs for Halloween By Katty Molloya