Nike says ‘no’ to the “no-makeup” ad campaign

Nike CEO Mark Parker told Recode that the company would no longer use the slogan “no makeup” in the future.

Parker explained the decision was made because the ad campaign “started to feel like a trend.”

The Nike ad campaign that started out as a “no makeup” campaign “has gotten out of hand,” Parker said.

“We didn’t want to continue to play catch-up and continue to have a product that we’re selling and that we think people are going to be happy with.” 

The Nike ad will still feature a model in a black dress with no makeup on, Parker said, but Nike will also stop using the slogan. 

The ad will also no longer feature a female model wearing a full-face mask or a male model wearing sunglasses, he said. 

“The ‘no makeup’ ads have been getting out of control,” Parker added.

“The brand has gotten into a whole new arena of what we do.

We’ve grown up and we don’t want that to happen.” 

For the ad, Nike decided to use a new hashtag.

“It’s a really big deal to me because it means we can finally talk about how we feel about makeup,” Parker told the WSJ. 

While the ad has generated plenty of criticism, Parker and other Nike executives have defended it, arguing that it is a great way to reach out to the wider public and build a strong brand. 

Nike’s decision is not the first time the brand has changed its message and strategy. 

In October, the company announced a new ad campaign for men’s shoes, called “Men’s and Women’s.”

The new campaign will feature two women on the cover, and Nike says it will be similar to the new “no face makeup” ad. 

 Nikes newest ad campaign will be launched later this year, with a focus on the female consumer, according to Nike. 

Meanwhile, a new Nike ad for women’s sneakers is expected to be launched in September. 

According to the company, the new campaign is the first ad to focus on women’s needs and expectations and will highlight the “compelling reasons” to wear Nike shoes, the WSJB reported.