When your phone turns into a crutch

By Steve McNameeSource: Steve McInerney/Getty ImagesCricket is a game that requires concentration, discipline, and an eye for detail.

It’s a game of luck, which is why cricket is often described as a “skill game” that requires a lot of concentration, effort, and mental discipline.

But it’s also a game with a lot going on that can’t be easily quantified.

The sport has evolved over the years.

In the late ’90s, it was all about the balls and balls were everywhere, and in the mid-2000s, the game was looking for new ways to make its way into the mainstream.

And that’s when cricket began to be portrayed as something that required a lot more concentration and effort than it actually does.

This year, the focus has shifted.

It has become more of a game where you are required to make choices, with an eye to hitting your own scores.

In a way, cricket is becoming more like basketball, and more like tennis, and even more like a sport where you can do things that you normally can’t do, if you focus enough.

This is the thing about cricket.

The sport is a complex game.

It involves so many different facets of the game.

There are the fundamentals, the fundamentals that are important, like a good swing and a good stroke.

There is the strategic elements like how to manage the pressure and the angle and the pace of the match.

There’s the strategic and tactical aspects like the pace and the bounce and the position of your batsman, and then there’s the mental aspects like whether you are good enough mentally or not.

And then there are the physical aspects like your body, how your legs and your feet feel, and the way your mind works.

And you add on to all of those things, and all of the things that come into play in a game, like the ball, the pace, the angles and the timing.

And the way that the game is played, the way the game’s played is that the players have to be able to make decisions.

You have to have a plan, and it’s a big part of the strategic aspect of the sport.

You need to know how the game works, and you need to have the right strategy.

There has to be a strategy.

And so you need a plan.

And as the game develops, you need that plan.

You want a strategy that is well-thought-out and well-executed.

So when you get the chance to get that plan, you are much more likely to win a match, as opposed to when you don’t have a strategy, or when you are not good enough at a particular part of that strategy.

And it’s one of the reasons why cricket’s success has been so much more gradual than other sports.

So you need both a strategy and a plan to succeed in cricket.

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