How to dress for the ‘fog’ of winter

A few of us were able to keep our heads in the game and dress in the way that’s most comfortable.

And we’re all about staying cool.

Here are some tips for winter.


Wear your head cover If you don’t have a head cover, wear it.

It’s an essential accessory, as the cold can damage your eyesight.

The hood is also a great accessory to wear to cover your ears.


Get a scarf or hat If you have to wear a scarf, make it short and stylish.

A hat will help keep your hair from getting caught in the scarf.


Use a scarf for extra warmth and to keep your head from getting too cold If you’re not in a cold weather zone, make sure to wear an overcoat or scarf, as a scarf helps keep your body cool and your head cooler.


Avoid the hood If you must wear a hood, wear one that’s wide enough to cover the entire face.

This will help you keep your skin from getting hot.


Be mindful of where you go When it’s cold outside, it’s often better to head into the forest to cool off.

But, if you’re wearing a hood and you’re heading to a party, don’t leave it at the door.

Wear a hat or scarf and put it over your head at the entrance to keep it cool.

If you want to go to the mall, take it off.


Wear layers A hood or overcoat with a hat is essential to keep you warm.

But you can also use a scarf as an outer layer to keep a cold head from being too warm.


Wash your hands After the sun goes down, it is important to wash your hands frequently.

This is because when the water in your hands is too cold, your skin can become dehydrated.

Wash hands often, even if it’s only once a day.


Do a facial ice pack This facial ice mask is one of the most popular items on the shelves of your local health club.

This product is an effective and effective way to keep the skin from becoming too hot, as it helps the skin stay hydrated.


Drink water to help keep you cool If you feel thirsty, you may want to drink water.

Drinking plenty of fluids helps to maintain good circulation in your body and helps keep you hydrated during a cold and snowy day.


Do not wear tight clothing or tight shoes to keep from getting frostbite This can lead to frostbite.

If your skin is dry, wearing tight clothing and shoes will not help to keep yourself from getting a frostbite and it can make it more difficult to keep cold hands at bay.