“Rangoli” baby clothes for the office

A new baby clothes brand called “Rangaoli” has started to make its way through the fashion industry.

The brand is called “Baby Fashion”, and the brand launched a website that showcases the brand’s design.

It also includes the slogan, “You can never be too beautiful”.

The brand’s founder, Sara Pinchuk, said she wants to bring more women into the fashion world.

“I want to make a difference,” she told The Jerusalem Times.

“I want people to wear cute clothes, not the boring ones.”

Rangaolis” design aesthetic focuses on comfort and design and is reminiscent of fashion trends of the 1970s.”

My dream is to create a fashion world where women can wear clothes that are comfortable, comfortable, and fashionable,” she said.

The baby clothes company is now selling online and in stores in Israel and abroad.