What’s in a name? 5 things you need to know about the new naturals

I think it’s safe to say I’ve never heard the word “natural” used in the same sentence in my life.

It seems strange to me, then, when a fashion brand like Nudistwear, which was created by two British naturists in the late ’90s, comes to be synonymous with the term “natural”. 

Nudistware’s new website (which you can visit for yourself here) is one of the first examples of the company’s evolution into a more neutral brand. 

In a blog post published on the Naturals’ site, the brand explained why its products are based on the idea of “naturism as a natural and un-tamed expression of human beauty”.

“We believe in creating products that feel natural, un-cluttered and natural-looking.

That’s why we use only natural ingredients, without artificial colours, textures or preservatives.

It’s a celebration of natural beauty that is all about making people feel great.”

Nudism is about the act of removing skin and hair from the body and the expression of naturalness through clothing. 

“Natural” is a word often used to describe the natural state of things that are in contrast to the human condition. 

But the term is often misused, and its use has led to some misconceptions about what a “natural product” is and how it is actually manufactured.

 The brand explains that the word natural was coined to describe a state of being that is “completely and completely free from the use of chemical and synthetic ingredients”. 

“It is a term that’s not meant to be taken literally,” it says.

“It is used loosely and often in a negative way.

But it can mean a lot of things, like a feeling of freedom, being undisturbed by the way things look, feeling comfortable in the world and being natural.”

Naturals is a small business, and it started out as a hobby project. 

Its co-founder, Jamie Williams, told the BBC that he started the business because he felt there was an “overabundance of products and people that are trying to sell us things”.

“It’s a small thing, but it’s an important one to have and I think I’m the first person who has actually been able to say that,” he said. 

The company has since become a household name, with its signature line of men’s sliders featuring slim-cut versions of its logo. 

Nude nail design, for example, is a collaboration between Williams and his brother-in-law, designer James Taylor.

The brothers began designing the sliders together and have since been featured in a number of ad campaigns for Nudism. 

Their design aesthetic is a fusion of “tanned” skin and the natural elements of a man’s body, and the pair also developed a range of “natural accessories”. 

The “natural design” concept is the same one used by the Nudists, and they have even launched a range featuring men’s tights, hats and boots.

“I think it really speaks to the fact that you can look like a man, but you can still have a natural shape to your body and that’s the way it should be,” Williams said.

But how does a natural product feel?

Is it natural?

Are they a natural version of a natural-seeming product? 

“I feel it’s a bit of a misnomer,” Williams told the Guardian.

“We want people to feel good about their bodies, but there are no hard and fast rules about how natural it should feel.

I’m a fan of the word ‘natural’ in the sense of having an innate sense of beauty.

It really comes down to personal taste.”

Nudes, as the name implies, are a type of body art, which can range from the simple to the complex.

They’re often done with either a towel or a brush, and can often be found on the body of a naked person, often to highlight natural features. 

Williams said he wanted his products to be “naked” and “nude” at the same time, but he’s also keen to dispel the idea that a product is “natural-looking” or “nudist-friendly”.

“I wanted people to think about what’s in the product, but also how it’s made and how much care is taken,” he told the Independent.

“If a product has a good balance of all those things, I think people will have a positive impression of it.”

That’s why Nudie products are designed with a minimalistic approach, and so the idea is that they’re really just a little bit of an extension of yourself, so it’s more about being yourself.

“Nude designs are often made in the company of other naturist designers, but Nudys co-