How to design an interior designer’s dream job

The most common question that comes up in the design industry is, “How much can I earn?”.

The answer to that question is: A lot!

The most common questions people ask are:How much does it cost to design?

How much is the salary?

The answers to those questions are often mixed, with some saying a design position requires a great deal of money and other people saying, “If you’re lucky enough to work for a designer, you’ll get paid well”.

The average salary for interior designers is around £42,000 a year, with a typical job typically starting at around £20,000.

The average career path for interior design is to be a junior designer or senior designer.

Some of the most popular jobs for interior designer include:• design interior design for a major corporation or department;• design a home or apartment for a family;• manage interior design projects at large organisations;• create and manage office projects;• oversee a large company’s interior design.

The following infographic by The Wall Street Journal highlights the pay scale for interior and design professionals: