Hillary Clinton’s big bet: $200 million for the Super Bowl

The former secretary of state, who has a $200 billion Super Bowl bid, has been spending the past few weeks laying the groundwork for a potential Super Bowl $200-million bid, according to two people familiar with the matter.

CNN is not identifying the people because the person spoke on condition of anonymity.

A source familiar with Clinton’s plans said Clinton will announce her bid for the game at a rally Tuesday night.

The people familiar said Clinton has been in talks with NFL owners and other stakeholders for months.

CNN reported in September that she was considering the Super, citing sources close to her.

Clinton has a record of partnering with NFL players to support local charities, and has also teamed with other sports leagues to host events.

The Super Bowl has been a source of controversy since the NFL decided to ban players on Sunday from wearing helmet cowls.

A number of players have been suspended from their teams and the league has also announced its intention to expand the number of games allowed in the year leading up to the Super.

Clinton, whose husband, former President Bill Clinton, has also been involved in Super Bowl bids, has a history of working with major NFL owners.

She and her husband have hosted Super Bowls at the White House, and have been friends with several players in the NFL, according, to the people familiar.

She has also worked with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and others to bring more national exposure to the game.

A source close to Clinton said the Super bowl has not been the focus of any of Clinton’s efforts in recent months, but the announcement will be a major step forward for her.

While Clinton has no plans to run for president in 2020, she could run again, one person familiar with her thinking said.

Clinton will not be in the race for president until 2020, according the source.

CNN reported last week that the Clintons were considering a bid for a Super Bowl in 2020 and that the campaign was in talks.

It was unclear whether that bid was for a joint venture or for a separate bid that would have gone up against the NFL.

We are not talking about a bid here, this is not a joint-venture.

It’s a joint bid.

The Clintons have no interest in running for president, the source said.

Some analysts have suggested that a Superbowl bid could serve as a way for the Clintons to use the occasion to raise money for a 2020 campaign.

Last week, Hillary Clinton said that the Superbowl could help her raise money and the Super bowls have raised more than $250 million for her campaign, CNN reported.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that Clinton was planning to raise $250,000 for a super PAC.

Clinton did not confirm that report, but CNN said that Clinton had raised $200,000.

Bill Clinton’s Super Bowl campaign has not responded to CNN’s requests for comment.

This story has been updated to include additional information from CNN.