Why pumpkin carving is such a classic, trendy trend

The pumpkin carving trend, like so many others, has its origins in the past.

The carving of an animal or a creature that symbolizes a time and place has always been a part of the holiday season.

And in 2017, the tradition of carving animal heads was expanded by the popularity of the “Pumpkin Head Ornament” which featured a pumpkin carving.

Now, a new trend has arisen to add a pumpkin to a Christmas tree ornaments.

“It’s kind of a Halloween tradition, a holiday tradition,” said Kelly Tapp, the creator of the new pumpkin carving ornament for The American Tree.

Tapp says the ornament has been created by a team of artists from the Twin Cities area.

“We’ve been doing it since January,” she said.

“So I think this is just the beginning.

We’ve had a few people say to us, ‘I’m gonna carve this pumpkin and it’s going to look like the pumpkin in the movie ‘The Jungle Book,'” she added.

This year, Tapp’s pumpkin has been inspired by a local creature from Minnesota, which is an owl, but with a pumpkin carved head and tail.

“They call this pumpkin the ‘Owl of the Year,'” she said of the animal.

“You know, a lot of people don’t think about the pumpkin because of its size and its weight.

So the idea was to create something that would be a little bit larger, and have the appearance of a big owl.”

The pumpkin has become a popular tradition this year, and Tapp hopes the popularity will help bring back the tradition.

“I think this year people are really excited to have this pumpkin, and it will hopefully bring back some of the spirit of the holidays,” she added, noting that she is hoping that the new design will help spark a new generation of holidaymakers.

The pumpkin is a little smaller than a human head, but is still quite large, and will be a lot more than just a decoration.

“The head is actually about 1.5 to 2 feet long and it looks pretty much like a normal pumpkin,” Tapp said.

The team of sculptors is currently working on the design, but said they hope to eventually add a face.

“For the face, we’ve got some people who are not so experienced, but we’re just hoping to get this done this year,” Tapps said.

They plan to release the new carving in December.