What to wear to dinner with friends? Outdoor kitchen designs

If you want to impress your friends with your creativity, you can’t just go for the conventional outdoor kitchen design.

Here are some of the best outdoor kitchen styles to choose from.1.

Awnings and decor elements from the home of Avanti (Image credit: Avantis Outdoor Kitchen)2.

A piece of fabric from a door that is covered in a floral pattern and embellished with a woven motif (Image Credit: Aventis Outdoor Cooking)3.

A decorative woven pattern that incorporates a geometric motif, a floral motif and a motif that incorporates an embroidery motif (Images Credit: Amour Bistro)4.

A floral pattern woven into a piece of metal (Image: Amours Bistros)5.

A woven pattern in which an element of the fabric is combined with a decorative motif (Avantis Cooking Magazine)6.

A pattern of textured, embroidered fabric that is embroidered on top of another (Image of a home-made piece of furniture by Amour Barbers)7.

A motif that resembles a flower pattern and features a geometric design (Image by Avantie Bistrogames)8.

A geometric pattern of embroideries that is woven into the fabric of a tablecloth (Image from a kitchenette)9.

A flower pattern woven onto a woven fabric that has a decorative design (Images by Amours Barbers and Amour Bridal)10.

A striped pattern of fabric that resembles fabric woven in a pattern of dots, then intertwined with an embroidered floral motif (Photo credit: Amorous Bridal Gallery)11.

A rectangular pattern of a similar shape with a floral design (Aventis Cooking)12.

A triangular pattern of woven fabric with a geometric pattern that is embellished by a floral print (Aventureis Cooking, The Kitchen and Barbers, etc.)13.

A crochet pattern that has been embroidered onto a floral background (Aware Designs)14.

A mosaic pattern of multiple woven patterns on a floral theme (Image courtesy of Amour Bride Boutique)15.

A multi-colored pattern of patterns of different colors (Image via the Wedding Blog)16.

A beautiful mosaic pattern with a flower design that is incorporated into a decorative pattern (Image Courtesy of Amours Bride Boutiques)17.

A small decorative pattern that combines a geometric shape with an ornamental pattern (The Kitchen and Bridal Boutique, The Bride Blog)18.

A design that incorporates fabric that includes patterns of flowers and a floral floral pattern (Aventures Wedding Design)19.

A large floral pattern that includes a floral and geometric motif (The Bride Blog, The Wedding Blog, etc)20.

A wide and intricate pattern that features a pattern that resembles the fabric used to make a wedding ring (The Wedding Blog and Bride Blog), which includes a motif in the shape of a heart (Image, from The Wedding blog)21.

A very large and intricate floral pattern with geometric design, embroidering and a design that resembles an embroiker’s mark (Image and photo credit: The Brideblog, The Weddings Blog)22.

A fabric pattern that adds a geometric effect to a pattern (Photo Credit: The Wedding and Brideblog)23.

A simple geometric pattern with an element that resembles floral patterns on the outside (Photo courtesy of The Bride and Bride blog)24.

A series of floral patterns that create a geometric and floral motif on the inside (Photo from The Bride & Bride Blog).25.

A combination of floral and embroideried designs that create geometric patterns on an outside wall (Photo by The Bride, Brideblog and The BrideandBride Blog)26.

A great example of a geometric floral pattern on a woven background (Photo via The Bride Wedding Blog).27.

A layered floral pattern of different sizes (Image Via: The wedding blog)28.

A collection of embroidered patterns on one wall that are combined into a geometric structure (Image provided by The Wedding, Bride and Bridesblog)29.

A unique geometric pattern (designed by the bride) that adds texture to the pattern (Photos Credit: BrideblogandTheBrideBlog)30.

A complex geometric pattern on an exterior wall (Image credits: Bride Blog and The Weddingblog)31.

A vertical pattern that creates a geometric texture on an inside wall (Aptly titled “Crazy Gorgeous” by BrideblogAndTheBrideblog)32.

A square pattern that looks like a floral with a simple geometric design on the front (Photo provided by Bride and brideblog.com)33.

A colorful geometric pattern design on an interior wall (Picture courtesy of Brideblog & The Bride)34.

A horizontal pattern that forms a geometric triangle with the geometric shape of an animal (Photo Courtesy of Bride and weddingblog.co.in)35.

A cross pattern that uses geometric patterns that are embroidered with a motif (Photos provided by Wedding Blogs & The Wedding)36. A diagonal