Triple Aught Design Launches Their New Logo, Designing a ‘Nail-Nose’ for a Shoes Brand

TripleAught Design, a design studio located in London, UK, has unveiled a new logo, a nautical themed, triple-edged nose that looks like a “nail-nose”.

The nail-nosed design is reminiscent of the “nose of the sea”, which has been used in fashion for centuries.

According to the blog, the design is “a nautical-themed, high-end fashion statement that will capture the contemporary aesthetic of contemporary shoes.”

The brand has also launched a new range of shoes, which they have dubbed “Nails & Shoes”, to coincide with the launch.

Triple-Aught’s new design will be available in October.

The designer has created a line of sneakers with “nails & shoes” in the brand’s name, as well as a “shoe-inspired” line of “naked shoes”.

The brand says they are “working to re-engineer the footwear industry” in order to “better equip consumers for the changing world”.

The designs are being launched at a time when many sneaker brands are focusing on using natural, organic materials to create new footwear.