How to create nail designs with a room design app

Nail designs with room design apps are a popular trend amongst fashionistas who want to create a personalized and contemporary home.

With room design as a core concept, many people have adopted the idea of a ‘design studio’.

But it is not only a fashion statement, as many designers have also tried to use the concept to create unique and unique designs, with the help of a room designer app.

In this article, we will walk you through how to create custom room designs with the ‘room design’ app and nail designs that are created from scratch.


Room Design app for Android: For the ‘designers’ out there, the most basic step to create rooms is to create your own template.

This is what I did when I created my custom rooms.


Room Designer app for iOS: This app is free and available for download for iOS devices.

You can also download it on the App Store.


Rooms by Doodles app for iPad: If you are a fan of DIY, you will love this app.

It gives you a list of the most popular designs available on the web.


Rooms and Designers by Douds app for iPhone: You can also make a room with Doodle and the Designer app on your iPhone.


Room and Designer for Mac: There are other options available on this app, but we have to use this one to make our own rooms.

There are also other apps for iOS and Mac devices, which we will not cover here.


Rooms from DoodlemagDesign for iPhone/iPad: It is also free to download, but it comes with a free version and no paid features.


Rooms in DoodyDesign app for Mac/iPhone: The Doodly app is also a free app for both Mac and iOS, but you will have to pay for premium features. 

You can find out more about the Doodlin app in our guide to Doodletons app.8.

Rooms app for Windows: Windows is not the only platform where you can create your rooms, as you can also create rooms from scratch in this app too. 

The Windows app also gives you an overview of all the popular designs that can be created with the app. 

It is free, but there are a few features that you should pay for. 


Rooms for iPad for Mac / iPhone:This app allows you to create and edit rooms from within the app and it also has a room theme editor, which lets you create and share a custom room.

It is also available on iOS and Windows.10.

Rooms & Designer for Android for Android phones: A new app for the Android platform called Rooms is also out, which is a ‘room’ designer app that allows you create a new design. 

This app also has room themes, which can be exported as a PNG file and shared. 


Rooms design app for Google Play: Google Play is a free online store for Google products.

You will find all the free and paid versions of the app, as well as the paid version.


Rooms: Designing from the ground up?

It is easier with this app from Design Studio.


Design Studio: The design studio for the designer is available for both iOS and Android devices, but I have chosen this app because it has an easier design and layout process. 


Room designer for iOS/Android: This is the free version of the Designer, which includes a design studio, layout templates and more. 


Rooms Designer for iPhone and iPad: You will find the Designer for both iPhones and iPads, and it comes in both a free and a paid version, which will allow you to make your own designs. 


Designer for Android and Mac: It can be downloaded for both iPhone and Mac, but the paid edition has more room themes. 


Room for Mac and Designer:  This free design studio is the only one for iOS, Android and Windows, and is the best one for making rooms from the floor. 


Designer for iOS only: There are also some free Designer apps for iPad. 


Designers app for Apple TV:  This design studio allows you access to all the Designer and Design Studio apps for the Apple TV. 20.

Design Designer for Google Home: With this app you can design rooms from Google Home.


Rooms on the Google Play Store: Google Play has many other designer apps for Android, including Room Design, Design Studio and Designer. 


Room to Design for iPad and Android: Another designer app, DesignStudio, is available on both Android and iOS devices, and also allows you share your designs with your friends. 23